firma-grande-600The traditional way

Many firms around the world provide IP prosecution services, but few provide a real top quality advice to adopt the most appropriate intellectual property strategy.

The large size and complexity of some of these firms has turned them into patent and trade mark factories, where each client has to deal with too many…different departments, paralegals and professionals. Companies grow, open branches, but run the risk of becoming more complex – slower, harder, and more expensive to run and less satisfying places to work.

This results in a progressive distance between the firm and the client.

Our approach

Instead, we believe that providing a thorough advice and guidance in a personalized manner is crucial, and that this is what makes the difference between IP firms.

Our innovative outlook , structure and use of modern practices enables us to minimize the intervention of too many professionals in the matters of each client, keeping a full knowledge of the client´s needs and their IP portfolio at any moment.

Prompt attention to all matters is our priority. E-Mails are replied on the same day, calls are promptly returned. Responsiveness is the key to gaining respect in work.

Caring is the secret

We are proud that most of our new work is gained through recommendation and referrals. Many of our clients and associates have become faithful friends with whom we have worked since we started our practice. Our customer´s loyalty is directly proportional to the loyalty we show to them.